Membership at The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen is not required for advice and guidance.

The volunteer naturalists and professional staff of the The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen manage the 6,000 acres of wilderness to ensure Wintergreen remains a beautiful, popular place. The foundation also works with hundreds of .5 acre sites belonging to individual property owners who want to enhance and preserve the natural treasure that is Wintergreen.

Easily Enhance and Improve Your Landscape

Interested in more flowers in the summer? Ferns? Fall colors? Native plants offer almost endless options although the unique climates of Wintergreen provide some challenges at times. (Tip: Most native plants that do well on the mountain work in the valley.) When you have questions call the volunteers and staff of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen for help in finding answers. Click here to learn more.

Getting Along with Our Often Delightful and Sometimes Difficult Neighbors

Not only does this website offer real-world advice for Wintergreen property owners on bears as well as insightful research about wildlife, but the staff and volunteers can share their years of experience on “special situations” with not only bears, but all of the smaller inhabitants of the forests including insects.

If You Are Planning to Build…

Call The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen for worthwhile insights about your property or advice on how to protect and enhance the landscaping nature has provided.