What To Do When You Find An Injured Or Orphaned Wild Animal

By Kathie Driscoll,

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Spring has arrived and with spring comes an increase of activity among our wildlife friends. It is the mating, nesting, foraging, and spawning season for all types of critters. It is hard for us humans not to notice the frenzied unusual behaviors. Many of these activities do not require our interventions, but sometimes accidents happen and we may not know what to do. With a little advice, you can successfully give aid to an animal in need. The first step is to know the local wildlife rescue groups and their contact information. Rockfish Wildlife Center, Wintergreen’s closest Wildlife Rescue and hospital is located in Shipman. Their hotline phone numbers are  434-263-4954 or 434-962-7429. The Wildlife Center of Virginia, which is located in Waynesboro has a 24 hour hotline at 540-942-9453. Having these phone numbers handy makes the difference saving an animal’s life. They will walk you through the proper procedure in rescuing an injured or orphaned animal. Each type of animal at different stages of their lives require different care. On the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary’s website you can learn exactly how and when to intervene with a possible injured or orphaned animal.  Below is their website link, so get acquainted with the spring activities and wildlife issues by reading their very informative advice and make a difference in keeping our wildlife alive and wild!


  Comments: 2

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