Wintergreen is a Bear Smart Community

The primary rules are simple and clear:
No bird feeding from April 1 to December 1, never leave food or garbage outdoors, be aware that open doors and windows risk getting a bear inside, and lock all car doors because bears can and do open vehicle doors.
Wintergreen’s black bears are out and about. Learn more about these amazing animals and how to keep them wild.
Also, check out the website BearWise for more information.

Learn about our vision for the future of The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen – Join Us

The Nature Foundation’s Endowment 2025 Campaign has reached its halfway point (2022) by raising $2 million toward our initial goal of $4 million. Thanks to several very generous long-time supporters and committed donors like you, we are now well on our way toward achieving an Endowment which will support new significant environmental research and education initiatives on a national level and provide for TNFW’s financial future.

What's New at The Nature Foundation

Summer events. Our July – September Calendar of Events is now available. To view and or register for an event, click “Events & Event Registration” in the main menu at the top of the page.
The Nature Foundation has been recognized by the Virginia Association of Science Teachers. Learn more. Document pages: 20-21.
Trail map. A detailed map of all of the trails within Wintergreen, maintained by TNFW, is available at Trillium House and the front desk of Wintergreen Resort’s Mountain Inn.

Our programs are open to anyone who wishes to take part and enjoy nature.

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Go outside & play

Our trail system covers an assortment of terrain throughout its 35 miles. There are both rugged, steep slopes as well as beautiful, short strolls most anyone can enjoy.

Grow native plants

Preserving while enhancing the natural beauty of the land is a goal of those who garden using native plants. The Nature Foundation is a leader in making it easier and fun.